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Meet Our Team

Our expert medical and pain management team at Apple Medical Clinic Solutions in APPLETON combine their diverse skills and knowledge to help patients of all ages with chronic health conditions, as well as advising them about ways to prevent future illnesses and injuries. Our integrative healthcare philosophy puts patients at the center of care. This approach focuses on treating each person as a whole, rather than zeroing in on just a few symptoms.

Blending traditional medical practices, innovative therapies and pain management care, the experienced clinical team treats a wide range of health issues, so patients get the most advanced, comprehensive care available. Our team is passionate about relieving patients’ symptoms and providing permanent solutions to their health problems.

Patients seek treatment at Apple Medical Clinic for numerous health conditions, including back and neck pain, peripheral neuropathy, knee pain, sciatica, and weight loss.

Dr. Michael Johnson

Dr. Michael L. Johnson has been in private practice in Appleton since 1983.  He is the author of 7-books on natural protocols for thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.
In 2006, he formed the Neuro-Metabolic Super Group which is a group of doctors dedicated to healing patients with severe and/or chronic health conditions.
In 2016, he founded the Optimal Health and Wellness Institute as a direct result of his own healing from natural therapies. Dr. Johnson and his team have been helping severe and/or chronic condition patients from not only all over the U.S. but all over the world! 


    “I have gone to many other clinics before coming here and none of the others have helped me as much as here! Thank you!”

    Jon P.

    “Yes, yes, yes I would recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from back, neck, or neuropathy pain. The staff is very professional, caring and compassionate!”

    Cassidy V.

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